A very limited number of cd copies of our debut album are available through our shop. For a free streaming sample of our album click the Soundcloud player below.
Our second album "Tokens" has been released in May 2020 and is available from our Bandcamp site and all major streaming sources.
Superhowl band
Superhowl's 2014 debut album

Tracklisting: 1) Arkhangelsk 2) A Walk In The Desert 3) Vampire Girl 4) A Human Attribute 5) Together, Still 6) Pull 7) Stendec 8) Fading perception 9) A sense of Belonging 10) A Feather On The Breath of God 11) Take Me Out in The Sun

Tokens Front Cover.png

Tracklisting: 1) An Artform 2) Just Like Frank 3) Out Tonight 4) The Following 5) Breathe Deep 6) Had A Lover 7) 1000 Generations 8) The Last Of Your Kind 9) An Honest Man 10) The Light 11) The Things I Might Have Done