Superhowl are a band from the East of England. Formed in 2012 by longtime friends and musical collaborators Stuart Wallis and Barry Warburton. We have recently released our second album, called "Tokens".  We were supported on our debut album by the powerful backing vocals and talented songwriting of Fyzz Wallis and worked with her to record her own first album, "Room", which is now available for download here on Bandcamp.


As an occupational hazard, we are sadly obsessed with buying musical gear and spend most of what is supposed to be our studio time gazing at equipment we don't know how to use and guitars we can't afford. Nevertheless we have managed to build up a substantial guitar collection between us, citing their use on individual album tracks as flimsy justification for their acquisition. You'll find pictures of many of our beloved instruments in our Gallery and on our Facebook page.














Superhowl draw on a wide range of musical influences and our debut album was described by Only magazine's Vincent Wood as "groove heavy and bluesy, there's a vibe of psychedelic American rock from a British perspective - like Arctic Monkey's latest contribution 'AM' but without the insufferable ego of Alex Turner" (of course we do harbour equally insufferable egos but Vincent has never had the misfortune to meet us). Lyrically our album covers a vast range of subjects and experiences, from the everyday tale of love gone bad to the gothic twist of vampiric lust, by way of arctic convoys and mysterious air disasters.


​We are extremely grateful to the two very talented photographers we work with - Paul Newbon (www.paulnewbon.com) for the use of his photographs in our album artwork and Craig Handsley (email craig.handsley@live.co.uk) for the majority of the shots on our Gallery page.


​The tracks for our debut album were self recorded using Propellerhead Reason at our soon-to-be-legendary Barrytone Studios between 2012-2013. ​The tracks for Tokens were recorded between 2015 and 2020.